Thingstream Starter Kit: Getting Started

This page will guide you through setting up and using the Thingstream Starter Kit and its associated SDK.

Whatever your end goal with the Starter Kit, you will need to ensure your hardware is setup.

Setting up your hardware

If you haven't done so already, connect the antennae to the module ensuring that the GSM antenna is attached to the point marked GSM on the module board (see red circle below) and the GPS antenna is connected to the GPS point (shown in orange circle, below). The antenna connections are delicate - you should ensure that they are correctly aligned before pressing them home. You can tell the difference between the antennas quite easily: the GSM antenna is square and has the words "3G Cellular" printed on it, and the GPS antenna is rectangular.

If you simply want to get the latest version of the SDK onto the Starter Kit without having to install an IDE then you may wish to go directly to  Flashing a build with USB (NXP Bootloader).  This will guide you through flashing a Thingstream binary onto the Starter Kit with the help of NXP's Bootloader and a Micro USB cable.

If you have a project in mind and you know you will need to write your own code or at least review the example code but you've never tried to do that before, then you may want to start with Downloading and setting up NXP MCUXpressso. This explains where to get MCUXpresso, how to setup the environment and how to import the Thingstream SDK build into your environment.

If you've got the IDE (MCUXpressso) installed but you are not sure what should come next, then Flashing a build with MCUXpresso is probably for you.

If you are interested in seeing debug output from the Thingstream examples or your own code, but you don't want to be running the IDE when you do, then UART logging (as opposed to IDE logging) will explain how to configure the Starter Kit to log output via a terminal emulator without the use of an IDE.

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