IoT Location-as-a-Service


Currently u-blox provides four services targeted to location applications: Multi GNSS AssistNow, CellLocate, CloudLocate, and PointPerfect.

In this guide we will look at the general aspects of the services and in particular on how to enable the services in the platform and how to create and manage the credentials (tokens) needed for accessing the service. 

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Multi GNSS AssistNow

Multi GNSS AssistNow or MGA, is an assisted GNSS service to enable the GNSS receivers to have a shorter Time To First Fix (TTFF) and a more accurate initial position. The service has two flavors: the online version to provide the assisted data in real time with a short validity, and the offline version to provide the predictions that can be used by the receivers for a longer time. For more details about the service, please download the AssistNow product summary.

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CellLocate is a mobile network-based location service making position available in areas where GNSS is poor or absent, or whenever the devices do not have GNSS receivers. The service client is embedded on all u-blox cellular products thus making the integration effortless. For more details about the service, please download the CellLocate product summary 

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CloudLocate service enables accurate positioning of even the simplest IoT devices with the most constrained computing, communications, and energy resources. 

The service enables positioning in the cloud to extend the life of energy-constrained IoT applications, with up to 10X energy savings over a standalone GNSS power savings approach. The service uses IoT device measurements to calculate a location and deliver it to your cloud enterprise. CloudLocate is ideally suited for IoT asset tracking applications that require large power autonomy, a few position updates per day, reasonable position accuracy, and for which location is needed in the cloud. 

For more details about the service please download the CloudLocate product summary.

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PointPerfect is the u-blox high precision GNSS augmentation service that provides real-time, verified, scalable, affordable, and high-quality GNSS positioning solutions to the mass market for consumer, industrial, and automotive applications.

For more details about the service please see the PointPerfect service description.

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