Token Management


A token is the credential needed by the devices to access AssistNow and CellLocate services. Without a valid token the services cannot be accessed and any request will fail with a 400 "bad request" error.

There are two kind of tokens, temporary and permanent. A temporary token is meant for service evaluation and has a limited lifetime of 90 days whereas the permanent token has no validity constraints as long as it is assigned a valid usage plan. A temporary token can be converted to permanent once the service evaluation is completed and you are ready for the development and deployment of the solution.

You can request a temporary token for services evaluation here.

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Create a new Permanent Token

To be able to create a token for accessing the AssistNow and CellLocate services, you must have a Thingstream domain. Once you log in into the domain you can see the Location Services menu item in the sidebar of the portal. Click on it.

Clicking on the Add Location Thing button will open the creation dialog as shown below

Click the Generate Tokens button and select the service(s) that you wish to use.

After entering the required information and clicking Next, you will be prompted to select the plans that the token will be associated to.

Please note that if you have selected more than one service, you must choose a plan for each service.

Also note that only one token for each service can use the free developer plan, so if you have already selected the developer plan for another active token you will not be able to select it again.

When you have created the first tokens you can see and manage them in the tokens management page.

Manage Tokens

Clicking anywhere on the token row will open the token details dialog shown below.

In this dialog you can manage all the aspects of the token.

  • Status: active / deactivated. If a token is active it can be deactivated and vice versa. As you deactivate the token, it will be removed from the currently associated plan and the billing for that token will stop. When you reactivate the token you must choose the plan again.

  • Plan. As your usage of the service changes you might need to change the plan, clicking Change will open the Change Plan dialog that allows you to change the plan for the token.

  • Tags. You can create tags for your tokens to help you group and search for them.

  • Activity. On the Activity tab you can check the usage of the token.