Flip&Click: Getting Started

This page will guide you through using the Flip&Click and its associated SDK.

Setting up your environment

You will need:

Arduino Environment

Thingstream Arduino SDK

Examples and what they do…..

(these are explained in greater detail in the SDK documentation – these can be found in ~ thingstream-client-Arduino-library-BLDXXXX-vx.xxx/example/doc/index.html)


Sends a message to the Thingstream server at QoS level '-1' which does not require a connection.



This example demonstrates how to access the modem before fully initialising the Thingstream stack. For instance, it can be useful when the network configuration needs to be changed before network registration, or the application needs early access to SIM information.



On reset or power-up, the application connects to the Thingstream server and registers, subscribes to and publishes a test message at QoS level '1'. The test message should be received by the client and printed to debug output.


If you are using a u-blox SARA Click modem or the Quectel BG96 Click, the Thingstream_example_tracker example gives you a fully functioning asset tracker which can be combined with Tracker 2 flow available in the Thingstream Flow library



This example demonstrates how to publish a message that's longer than the underlying transport's maximum transmission unit (MTU).

MTU for USSD: ~90 bytes

MTU for UDP (with base64): ~730 bytes

MTU for UDP (without base64): ~980 bytes

Sending a 'long message' is achieved by providing a buffer to Thingstream_createProtocolTransport() which holds the entire message. The SDK can then fragment the message for transmission.



This example attempts to demonstrate sending and receiving messages from the Thingstream server in as few messages, and as little modem up-time as possible



This example attempts to demonstrate sending messages to the Thingstream server using multiple predefined topics.

The following topics will need to be created in your domain before using this example

Alias   Suggested topic

300 sensor/temperature

301 sensor/pressure

302 sensor/battery/voltage

303 sensor/battery/charge

When it comes to building an example, there may be warnings about support for precompiled libraries

 this should be added after the {object_files} entry,  as indicated below:

Further Examples:

In addition to the examples that come as standard with the Thingstream SDK there is also an Air Quality Sensor example available.  This example demonstrates adding a sensor to the Flip and Click, obtaining a reading, converting that reading into data and publishing that data to Thingstream in JSON format. 

An updated version of the Air Quality example that is compatible with v2.25 and above of the Arduino SDK is available here. 

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