Services overview

Protecting your data in transit means that the privacy of your data is safeguarded all the way from the device to the cloud. The confidentially of your data needs to be ensured. Additionally, you need to be able to establish the integrity and authenticity of your data at all times. In IoT settings, which often involve thousands, if not millions, of devices, this requires highly efficient and scalable cryptographic methods.

The u‑blox End-to-end Security suite provides methods to encrypt and transfer every type of applicable data from the device to its own server/platform in the cloud with a few simple operations. This eliminates the need to implement a complex solution on the device microcontroller in order to establish secure communications.

u‑blox End-to-end Symmetric Key Management System is a disruptive approach for secure key management that replaces the current public key infrastructure (PKI) approach or typical PSK systems.

The significant advantage of u‑blox E2E Symmetric KMS is that session unique keys are available out-of-the-box both in the module and in your cloud via REST API, which allows the generation of an infinite number of keys per device. Keys are uniquely tied to the hardware and can be triggered on the module side and on the server/cloud side. This entirely removes the need for creation, delivery, renewal, and revocation of certificates. Development and operations are simplified by delegating the complexity of key management to a proven scalable system.

E2E Symmetric KMS is well suited for LPWA constrained devices, optimizing secure communications to achieve up to 8x reduction in the data overhead and up to 2x the packet flights. These optimizations translate to reductions in data usage, power consumption and cost.

When fast-go-to market becomes a priority, the End-to-end Data Protection solution provides an efficient and scalable ability to encrypt data on a device and to decrypt data asynchronously in the cloud independent of protocols, servers, platforms or time before reaching final destination. It ensure a real end-to-end privacy from the data producer (the device) to the end user (your application platform or your customer that uses the data) and a unmatched rapidity of implementation.

Services availability

The following table summarize the compatibility of the above described services with different u-blox module types. To know which is the minimum FW version required, visit the End-to-end Security section.