Thingstream Button: Hardware Information

The Thingstream button has a number of spare GPIO ports that are available for connection of additional hardware. These pins can be found in the bottom right hand corner of the Thingstream PCB, and are labelled according to the diagram below:

NOTE: board revisions E onwards (identifiable by the red PCB and designation PC-0038-002-01-E printed on the board) do NOT have PIO0_15 connected.

The Thingstream button is based around the NXP LPC824 processor. Technical documentation for the LPC824 can be found here.

If you wish to create you own application using the Thingstream button hardware, you can do this by using the NXP MCUXpresso development tools which you can download here.

You can then integrate your own code with the Thingsteam SDK to send data from the button to your backend application. Details of the SDK can be found here.

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