Thingstream Button: Getting Started

What does the button do?

Your Thingstream button sends a JSON data payload over the air to Thingstream. The payload includes information about the mobile network that the button has connected to along with location data based on either visible cell towers, or the precise GPS location of the button. 

You can read more about the button behaviour in our What to expect from your button guide.

Activating your button

You will have received a redemption code in the shipping confirmation email that we sent you.  Simply login to your Thingstream account, go to the Things page, select Add Thing and then select Redeem your Thing and follow the steps in the wizard to add and activate your button.

If you want to activate or deactivate the button later, simply come back  to the Things page, find your button in the Things list and click on it to open the Thing Details pane.

Configuring button actions

Your Thingstream domain is pre-configured to send an email containing the button payload. Once you've activated it, just press the button and check your inbox.

It is also possible to change the configuration on the button itself, for example to have the button automatically send a message every 5 minutes.  To do this, you need to publish a message to the button with the desired settings. 

You'll find a list of the configurable options, and the topic to publish the message to in our What to expect from your button guide.  Information about how to publish messages to Thingstream can be found on the Connecting to Thingstream using MQTT Spy page.