What's new in Thingstream 1.12.0

These changes have recently been rolled out to Thingstream.

Anything with a ⭐is new.

Changes with a 🚀are steadily rolling out and may not be live on your domain just yet.

Align message counts with new price plans ⭐

We've updated the message graph on the dashboard to match the new definition of messages, introduced with the new MQTT Anywhere and MQTT Now price plans. We;ve also added message counts to the Thing info page, to help you keep track of your monthly usage.

New design for Download Centre and Flow Library ⭐

We've updated the designs for the Download Centre and Flow Library to make it easier to find what your looking for.

New look for the Flow palette ⭐

We've restructured the flow palette, grouping nodes into Input, Function, Output, Services and Tools sections and changing the colour of nodes to reflect the group they are in.

Where nodes relate to functionality for a specific third party application, we've used their logo and brand colours to identify them more easily.

Want a summary of what's changed in recent releases? Check out the release notes.

Report a bug

You play an important role in making Thingstream better. Make a suggestion or report a bug to support@thingstream.io and we'll do our best to fix it in the next release.