Release notes

Keep track of changes and upgrades to the Thingstream platform.

Thingstream 3.3.0 - 14 March 2019

  • New Flows interface
  • Removal of Subscriptions page and pre-configured Email subscriptions
  • New traffic log for Internet Things
  • New export logs as CSV file
  • Add support for QoS and Retain properties to the Thingstream publish node

Thingstream 3.2.0 - 14 February 2019

  • New system event for device first connected
  • New Topics interface

Thingstream 3.1.0 - 30 January 2019

  • New side bar look and feel
  • New Thing list interface
  • New graph in Thing activity to show message consumption against the selected price plan for a Thing

Thingstream 3.0.2 - 15 January 2019

  • New version numbering format.
  • Update message graph on the dashboard to reflect the new definition of a message, in line with the new MQTT Now and MQTT Anywhere price plans.
  • Add message count to the Thing Info page.
  • Improve speed at which the server offloads messages following a ping-req command from a connected device.
  • Add support for dynamic payload fragmentation for the Java SDK - some modems have a lower cut off point for the size of a USSD message. The Java SDK now allows you to tell the server at which point you want to split the message payload by defining the value "size-n" in the minor field of the userAgent, e.g. Junit-Runtime/2.size-100, would yield a segmentation size of 100 bytes.

Thingstream 1.12.0 - 19 November 2018

  • Restyle the Flow palette.
  • Added Thing message queue full errors to the events list.
  • Additional improvements to location accuracy returned by the cell location node.
  • Update Thingstream Publish API Webservice so that only "Internet Things" are allowed to be used as senders.

Thingstream 1.11.0 - 8 November 2018

  • Restyle the device credentials page.
  • Restyle the Thingstream Flow Library and group Flows for device types.
  • Restyle the Download Centre and group SDKs by processor type.
  • New node added with support for Google Protobuffers.
  • Add new industrial grade M2M SIM to the shop.
  • Internet Things now update the last seen timestamp on Things page.

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