MQTT Here Messages

Thingstream MQTT Here plans allow LoRaWAN Things to communicate with the Thingstream broker.  There are two types of LoRaWAN Thing which can be added to a Thingstream domain; LoRaWAN gateways, and LoRaWAN devices.

Gateways do not incur charges themselves, only the devices which communicate via the gateway have chargeable traffic in Thingstream. 

LoRaWAN specifies a communications protocol between devices and gateways, and we map these LoRaWAN protocol messages to MQTT messages to allow inter-operability between LoRaWAN and other technologies supported by Thingstream. The table below shows the mapping between protocols:

As with other Thingstream plans, each MQTT message sent between a device and the broker uses one message from the plan allowance. 

MQTT Here plans are not individual to a device, but are shared between a number of LoRaWAN devices. Messages within a plan are therefore consumed by all devices enrolled onto the plan.

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