Location in the Cloud


CellLocate offers a best-in-class mobile network-based location service.  Years of strong historical records include billions of location data packages provided to IoT devices all over the globe for several thousand active customers.  This end-to-end solution is proven, scalable, and ready to virtually eliminate any “no position" scenario.    

With Location in the Cloud feature, CellLocate service gains more flexibility and provides unmatched benefits to reduce latency, battery drain and data consumption.

There are multiple ways to access the service, to properly match your preferred design:


Before reading this guide, it is suggested to check the following prerequisites:

Location in the Cloud benefits

The described option offers multiple benefits and it is the most straightforward  solution to bring the estimated position into your Cloud application.

Service Configuration

Service configuration comprises a few simple steps:


Location response

Regardless the protocol used (MQTT or others) the location response is provided in JSON format as reported below




  "Lat": 51.6387347,

  "Lon": 0.1121669,

  "Unc50": 20.1,

  "Unc95": 70.1


"DateTime": "2020-08-17T20:18:12",

"DeviceID": "357861090015763",

"DeviceType": "SARA-R510S-00B-00/01.02,A00.01"


The service cost is available on the pricing page and you need to consider two components:

Note: if you disable the Location in the Cloud feature the billing for location estimation continues running. To completely stop the billing you shall disable:

Hardware compatibility

The Location in the Cloud feature is available for all u-blox modules supporting CellLocate service. For the  complete list, look at the getting started guide