CellLocate troubleshooting guide

This section is intended to provide you a quick guide on how to identify and solve the main problems when using CellLocate service

Fallback logics

In the u-blox cellular modules supporting CellLocate there are some fallback logica implemented to provide as much as possible a useful response even in edge conditions.

  • in case it has not been possible to identify a solution in the cloud service based on the input provided, the module provides back in the AT interface always the time and date information and :

    • the last position with an increased uncertainty if the new request is done within 120 seconds before the previous one

    • otherwise it returns the center of the country in which the device is located if the timeout is expired or there is not a previous position available

  • moreover If it is not possible to identify a previous position and it's not possible to identify the country because of lack of connectivity, then the latitude and longitude information will be set to '0' or to another default value depending on the FW version, while uncertainty information is set to 20000000. These are typical response for this use case, that can change according to the FW version:

+UULOC: 1,1,0,29/07/2022,08:59:23.000,-214.7483648,-214.7483648,0,20000000

+UULOC: 1,1,0,29/07/2022,08:59:23.000,0,0,0,20000000

Note: the information of the last position is lost after the module reboot

Connection issues

In case of connection issues, it's suggested to look at the Module connection setup guide

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