Getting MEASX measurements using u-center


The u-center GNSS Evaluation Software provides a powerful platform for product evaluation, configuration, testing and real-time performance visualization of u-blox GNSS receiver products. Its unique flexibility makes u-center the ideal tool through the entire system integration process.

You can find the latest release and the complete documentation in the product documentation section of u-blox website.

In this guide we are going to show how to connect u-center to the evaluation kit and how to properly configure it in order to enable and capture the UBX-RXM-MEASX message that is required to calculate the position in CloudLocate


Before reading this guide:

  • read carefully the CloudLocate getting started guide

  • get an M8 or M9 EVK

  • install u-center and connect the EVK using the USB cable provided with the kit

Getting MEASX measurement using u-center

In u-center click on connect and select the COM port of your GNSS module as shown below:

Open Messages View by clicking on View in the top menu and selecting Messages View in the dropdown menu.

Right click on NMEA and click on "Disable Child Messages" in order to exclude this set of messages from GNSS output.

Scroll down in the Messages View, expand "UBX", then "RXM", and then right click "MEASX (Measurement Data)", and select "Enable Message" to enable only this message.

Click on MEASX message to see them on the right side of the Messages view. Next, you need to disable auto polling of messages. To do that, click auto polling button in the bottom menu (as shown in image below):

After disabling auto-polling, you need to start recording before manually polling the MEASX messages. To do that, click record button ("red circle"), and select a file to record measurements in.

Select Generation as "u-blox M8/8" (or M9 if you are using this model) and click Yes.

Once the configuration has been saved, you need to select Messages view, then click on "Poll" button in the bottom menu of Messages view. One poll is equal to 1 epoch.

Once you have taken the desired number of epochs, stop recording by clicking on "eject" button (located at the top bar).

Now you can use the file to get the position in CloudLocate as explained in the Getting started guide.

Getting real-time measurements without u-center

In order to get MEASX message directly from the receiver, without using u-center we have provided sample code in Python that simulates the device application and allows you to set some custom parameter to test the best configuration.

Getting real-time MEASX messages from GNSS